Live the Story


Response:­ rethinking is for realigning.

7:24-25 Rethinking life according to Jesus is a start, but realigning our loyalty to him is what matters.

7:26-27 Rejecting the Creator of our life and this world to build our own life in this world has no foundation and no future.

7:28-29 Jesus is not researching reality, he is revealing it.

ReThink:­ God is in charge, is revealed in Jesus, who calls us to trust him.

ReAlign: Trusting “Jesus as Lord” is from the inside out:

— a heart change toward Jesus as Lord
— a spoken confession renouncing rebellion and announcing allegiance to Jesus
— a display of changed allegiance through baptism.
— a participation in the community of the Kingdom.

ReNew: Our new identity as God’s child begins a life of growing up in his ways. This continues in cycles, season after season, through experiences and choices, growing deeper and deeper in rooted dependence on Christ for all our needs.

This is the blessed Life Jesus lived, and provides for us to live, in and through him.