Join the Story


By God’s grace we go from column 2 rebellion, through column 3 redemption, to live column 4 transformation.

The Story reveals an opportunity to turn from rebellion, through redemption, to transformation. God’s grace, received through faith, works. What we need to do now is to help someone through the process of realigning their loyalty to be with Jesus and what he has done.

“Kingdom Identity” will teach who we are. This is true of every redeemed rebel, regardless of whether they have an opportunity to “do” anything at all. An extreme example is when a thief was crucified next to Jesus. He believed that Jesus was the King of the Kingdom that mattered and asked to be part of that Kingdom. Jesus assured him that the believing rebel’s faith in Jesus as the King he claimed to be was enough; the dying man belonged with Jesus and was promised he would be with Jesus.

“Kingdom Action” will teach what we should do because of who we are in Christ. Three basic actions will be described as the building blocks of all we are to do as part of God’s royal family. What is the invitation at the end of proclaiming a need to “rethink”?

“Confess your need for Jesus, the resurrected Lord, to replace your guilt of rebellion with his righteousness, and to lead you forever.”

You do that in your heart, then you speak it out loud in prayer to God and in clarity to people. Then you show your death to the old allegiances and as you are immersed in water, like a grave, and raised to walk in new life. You are then joined with others who have done the same and you actively seek to grow in your new identity.